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There is a church in Sherwood, Michigan that is the oldest Free Methodist Church still in operation today. The church is now in an abandoned elementary school, and the town is long dead. This story begins there. It is the story of a leader who refuses to give up on the town, and the townsfolk who won't stop loving one another. All 35 parishioners faithfully line up to be greeted by Joe, the large bear of a man who smilingly hands his big paw to you to welcome you back into the fold of the bosom of church. The church smells of baked chicken and mashed potatoes and creamed corn, and of course, pie! Sometimes in the summer it smells of baked chicken, potato salad and strawberry shortcake, but the cooking chicken is always there. The food is donated my Farmer John and Farmer Larry. The wife of Joe, Becky, bakes and cooks for everyone and after service, we all gather. I was brought in by the Pastor. Pastor Daryl never gave up on me. I owned a little flower shop at the time and seriously lacked for extra time, what with the shop and two little girls to raise alone. I was divorced for 4 years by the time Pastor Daryl talked me into coming. At first, I was so scared. When the Ten Commandments were preached, I sunk low in my pew because I felt I had broken every single one of them. But still, I felt compelled to return. Finally on Easter Sunday, dressed in my finest ten year old dress, I got to the church. I was late and had to sit down in front. RIGHT UNDER THE CROSS! Never had I felt so small and insignificant. I got smaller and smaller as Pastor Daryl preached the sermon: Jesus' Walk to Calvary, complete with the torture and disgrace. Every whipping cut into my heart, every insult stung, and every word hurt my soul. The Crown of Thorns felt embedded into my own brain, and I was ashamed so deeply that I had caused it all. I was sobbing and weeping openly as Pastor Daryl finally preached that Jesus cried out, "Father, Why have You forsaken Me?" and I sobbed as Pastor Daryl said the words, "It is finished." But in that instant something miraculous happened to me. The Holy Spirit fell upon me and washed my soul clean. At that moment, I was lifted miraculously in His arms and I knew at that moment I was saved and it was all done for ME. I was washed in the blood of the lamb and the peace that passes all understanding was mine. This is my story. Today, I am almost 13 years old by God's Calendar, although by man's on August 27th, I will be 45. I am a pure and sinless Angel to God, and although I am bound to sin every single day, when I lift myself to Him, HE sees me as HIS.
Thank you for allowing me to share my story. I hope it helps someone else with their walk.
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Cherry de Werff
United States
I am a loving Christian Wife, Mother, Family Member, Friend who loves her life, works hard to be a Proverbs 31 kind of lady--way before I knew there was a "Proverbs 31" group of women. I belong to Sherwood Free Methodist Church because that is where I finally found Jesus. I knew God, but found Jesus and was blessed beyond the Cross there.

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