The Faith of a Child

I was sitting in church with my then 7 year old grandaughter, zoning out a bit, wondering what I was doing there.... Yeah, I'm a Christian, but not a faithful one. My relationship with Christ was one of convenience- when I thought about it I would pray. No regularity despite the fact that I am involved in a 12 Step program and know for sure it is God's grace alone that saved me from incredibly self destructive behavior. But God was second, third or fourth.
But back to grandaughter attends a Catholic grade school and at 7 they make their first communion. She had attended public school up until this year but needed the smaller classes available at the private school. Anyway it seemed to me that people would "talk" if she did not go to mass so the decision was made....we are sitting in mass and begin the song during the offeratory and I look at my grandaughter. To me she appeared to be almost luminous, her face perfect and she was singing the song in her 7 year old voice. I asked her how she knew this song. She said " We sing it at church is because I love Jesus!". Tears began to fall from my eyes as I realized I was looking at the face of Christ. I felt precious and loved, like a child with a parent. My heart was softened and the Grace of Our Lord flowed into me. I realized I was given an incredible gift and that I needed to put my faith in works.
I need to say here that out of my three children there are 2 who are addicts (both in recovery now). At the time of my spiritual experience my baby was in a half way house for men. So many guys who have no one- no family, no friends having "used them up" as we say. My husband and I began inviting one, then two, then more guys to our house for dinner before going to a neighborhood recovery meeting. We sit family style, granddaughters included and discuss our days, each person's challenges, our plans for the weekend, our aspirations. We now minister to anywhere from 8 to 15 young men once a week. Some of these men have become Christians and have been saved and we talk about our living, breathing faith and they show me how to be a better person, wife, mother, Grandma, daughter, sister...
While the path of faith has not always been easy and I have stumbled at times, my love for Christ has never ceased. And I was brought back to that path by the faith of a child- Verily I say unto you," Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven" Matthew 18: 3 King James Version
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