Forgivin, free and no longer lost.

My story begins as a young boy growing up outside Chicago. My family went to church on "major holidays and special occasions" most of my child hood. I was always a "believer' in God, i just didn't "KNOW" about him.
I grew up getting picked on, bullied and beat up on a daily basis. As i got older, the bullying ended as i began to hang out with a tougher crowd and began exploring the darker sides of Chicago as a teenager. Seeing things and experiancing things that most kids my age couldnt imagine. Eventually, noone messed with me.
Immediatly after my senior year, I joined the US Army Infantry. I spent 10 years there. The first day of basic training, a Chaplain came and gave bibles to those who wanted one. i took one, knowing that the bible was somthing everyone who believed in God was supposed to have. occasionaly i would open it, but hardley understood anything that was in it. i would pray every now and then, basically when I needed somthing or I was in pain. i even went to Bosnia to help end a Holy war between Serbian muslims and Christians. it was there that i witnessed first hand what happens to Christians who have to hide their faith. My eyes have seen horrible things. Even though i wasnt a saved Christian, i could feel evil everywhere we went.
I went back to chicago after my service in the Army was up. Since i went right in the service after high school, i was now in the middle of a world i knew absolutely nothing about. it also marked the beggining of a 5 year struggle and the hardest part of my life.
i knew nothing about the outside world. i missed my Army brothers desperately. I began working in a motorcycle shop and met a group of guys who belonged to a certain motorcycle orginazation. they showed eachother the same brotherly bond i had with my Army brothers. That appealed to me.
i began hanging out with them, riding motorcycles with them, attending their parties and functions. Alcohol became a regular part of my day, and come party time, so did drugs. Girlfriends came and went. Most couldnt keep up with me, or got tired of not knowing where i was for days on end.
Thankfully i was smart enough to know drugs werent really my thing, but beer and whiskey seemed fine. We'd drink for hours and hours on end, then ride to another gathering. if ever there was poster boy for the lost, i was him.
my close frineds and family began to worry. they seen my drastic transition from proud soldier to angry biker. my parents knew it was time to talk. they suggested moving to their little quiet vacation house down in Alabama a few miles from the gulf of mexico. they knew i'd have no problem getting a job and making a life down there. I packed up and moved south. things were very peaceful and my job was great. Butr there was one thing. Now I was completely alone in the middle of nowhere. I rode my motorcycle along the the Gulf looking for fun, stopping for beers and looking for people to hang out with. I slowly became more miserable and almost right back to where i started. I rode around all the time, passing churches and knowing that the answer was behind the door. But like many, I knew i could do this myself.
It was a few years ago, god began to strategically place certain people in my life. Christian people. I began asking alot of questions. my curiosity was growing stronger every day. On february 4th 2011, a man from work invited me to hear a man speak about patriotism and America. I accepted his invite and being a veteran, I thought for sure it would be some war hero I was going to hear. I was way off. We arrived at a church with standing room only and listned to an evangelist talk about our country and relating things to the Bible. It was amazing. I heard a voice in my head that shook my bones telling me, "get up. Youve done it your way long enough, now its time to do it my way." It was then that I walked to the front of the church, in front of hundreds of strangers, knelt down and gave my life to the lord.
My Christian walk began INSTANTLY. God put me to work without a break. I was baptized, i was attending bible study and reading my bible daily. constantly studying Gods word. learning everything i could. I became a youth leader at our churchs youth ministry. Ive been invited to tell my story at church functions and the local high school. i became an Advocate for Compassion International, im a voice for millions of children in extreme poverty conditions around the world. In december i went to Nicaragua to witness and work with people and children in some of the toughest neiborhoods in Managua. I witness to people here at work on a regular basis. ive found out this year that with God, theres not many breaks. When youre done with one thing, he's got another lined up for you.
I look back at my life and wonder how I did it without him. I heard a man say to me once years ago, "theres no testimony without the test." How right he was.
I cant help but think how blessed I am. And how thankful I am for everything God has given me, everything he's shown me, the friends and family i have, and the woman he has put in my life.
When you walk and live your life with God people notice.

A quote i overheard a while back is now somthing i live by every day," Preach the Gospel every single day, and when neccessary, use words."
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