He came through a stranger

There I was again, in jail for the sixth time in four different states. Wondering when is this all going to end? When, after a week has passed in jail, a stranger came through preaching. I didn't care to hear it. I mean, I've heard it the other five times and cared nothing to do with an invisible, so called "God" while I was dealing with a very visible painful dilemna. Yet on that day, as that stranger went on speaking about a lost son story coming back home, I leaped out of my metal bunk and reached out of the bars grabbing that stranger by his shirt collar. I shook him with great anger as I said to him "If this Jesus you're speaking of can do for me the things you have said, then I need Him because I am through with this life." Then I shook him even the more and said "But He better do what you said he would do for me." When I released him, he grabbed my hands and prayed for me. All of a sudden something happened inside of me. I mean, words could not explain the sensation and filling experience at that moment. I then said to him "What have you done to me?" And he replied "You have the Holy Spirit". I then said "I have the Holy what???" Then the other inmates watching this event were all of a sudden on the floor, as if they were unconscious. I then was caught up in a heaviness, like a cloud, in the cell block that was full of power and I wept wanting to know more of this Jesus...

I was being held in that City because I owed Texas fourteen years of prison to which I had been sentenced but left the state before going to prison and was considered a fugitive of the law. By ;law they had to hold me for ninety days for extradition. By then I had been in jail in three other states, was rejected by my father, had lost my home and car. I had suffered a divorce from my first wife, I had been homeless twice in NYC and heavily addicted to crack, acid and heroin. I was worthless, hopeless and helpless - a picture with a number. But on that day, when I prayed that prayer, I realized that I was not worthless but that someone died for me so that I would live. I realized that I was not unloved because I have a Father who loves me unconditionally. I was not hopeless or helpless because Jesus is my advocate. I was not just a picture with a number because I had been justified, forgiven, restored and called by my name.

As time went by I started Bible studies in the cell block and within the ninety days all twenty five inmates were born again. I began to be used by God in the gift of word of knowledge and miracles while in jail. Soon the nintyeth day arrived and I had read the Bible through, from Genesis to Revelation. Then I was called to go before the judge the next day I finished reading the Bible. The judge said "Mr. Trinidad, Texas did not come to get you therefore, since we have no charge against you, you are free to go." Words can not explain the great joy that grew in me when I heard those words. I walked out of that jail a free man "He who the Son sets free, is free indeed." And never returned back to that lifestyle again, thank you Jesus...

I guess the question wasn't "when is this all gojng to end?" but "when am I going to live again?" Thank God for coming to me in a strange place (jail) through a stranger, letting me know that I was not a stranger to Him...

Joseph Trinidad
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