overcomming the odds

hey my name is layla and i just turned 16 well wean i was in preschool my teachers noticed how i was quite a bit behind the other kids in school so they had a meeting with my mom to see about getting me tested well i was diagnosed with adhd (attition defficate hipperactive disorder) and i was put on medicine but as i moved up to kindergarden i struggled with reading and writing and the docters told my mom there was no way i would ever be able to read or write above a 3rd or 4th grade level well what i didnt know or understand then i now know there must have been a few people praying for me becouse i am now in the 10th grade and i read and write at a 10th grade level and without god i wouldnt have ever accomplished what i did. through my 16 yeasr i have struggled with deppression anger attachment issuse on the count of my father leaving wean i was about 4 and my mom going into deppression and hanging out with people that made my childhood a living hell i came out of it stronger and i know no matter what i face in this world my god will get me through it also i just recently got off my medicine and claimed victory through jesus christ aginst my disabilitys
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layla shoemaker
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hi my name is layla grace shoemaker i was born december 3rd 1995 and born agin july 7th 2008. i have been through many struggles through my life but no matter what i face in this world my god is greater he is stronger than any problen and he has and will get me through anything that i have and will face.

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