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Hey guys im Samantha 16 years old. This verse "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for ones friends" John 15:13 and my uncle Jason has changed my life for the good. The verse above was everywhere I flipped to it in my bible and was the first one I ever memorized and then it was on a game on my cell phone that I was playing and it came in a saturday church service its crazy when god wants to show you something he really does..! I was a trouble teenager before any of this ever happen I had lived with my mom for a few years and continusly got into trouble and susspended from school and everything. Not good my friends were not the best people in my life always encouraging each other to drink and party fight and everything that is straight up sin. So the summer going into my 9th grade year I had it stuck in my head that I wanted to live with my dad. And my mom and fought about this for sometime and then she finally let me go. :( I lived with my dad for about 4 1/2 5 mounths and got myself into trouble ran away and ended up at the Valley Youth House. (A short-term group home for trouble teens). At the time I didnt see myselft as a troubled teenager. Only because it was very normal for me to go out and do my thing and get into trouble. Well I have learned quickly that getting into trouble was the wrong path because I had no where to live. So one of the friends that I made there Phong who understood what I had been going through. I had mentioned my aunt and uncle once before said to me "Sammie, I think it's time you swollow whatever feelings that you have tword your aunt and uncle and call them. So I did just that and my uncle Jason answered. I moved to Fl a week later. My uncle had shared his faith with my and everything a few times and on easter sunday I gave my life to Christ. It was amazing and ever since then I have been trying to live for God and do what he wants me to.! After all his son did get nailed to a cross for my sin. During the time that I lived with my uncle and his family we attended Calvary Chapel Tampa on a regular basis. Then as time went on I attened Country Side Christain youth group for the high school. I had a couple friends but never really hung out with them and that was my own fault. As I grew in the Lord and my uncle tought me how to share my faith witch I now love to do I felt it was time for me to come home and be a light to the ones who mean the most to me :) I moved back in with my mom almost exactly one year later...! God had a plan I feel anyway I found Calvay Chapel Quakertown and my brother, our friend devin and my mom have gone almost five sundays in a row..! As well I attended thier high school youth group and god is BIG! Its amazing thing what god is doing in my life. Honestly it has drawn me a lot closer to God then ever been before and personaly I cant wait to see what he has in store me in the days, mounths and years to come. Like I said i give complete props to my Uncle Jason and Aunt Jen and thier family for being their to support me in the decisions that I have made.
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