Thorns amongst the Roses

"Can I go home now?"
I have asked God that question so many times. My live in part has been a tapestry of pain and heartache with some fine threads of happiness evenly dispersed amongst the crazy mosiac which I call my life. I was abused as a kid, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I still hear the screams of my three sisters, amongst the beatings of my step-father. Both my step-father and mother never new God, only worshipped alcohol. I found God one night on empty pantry shelve, but he had no name. All I remember was I had to escape a beating, so I sat on the top shelve of the pantry. Our pantry was always empty, we lived in utter poverty and hunger was always a close painful friend. I was on the shelve shaking uncontrolably and then suddenly awash of comfort over took me, as if someone wrapped their arms around me. I was no longer scared, I felt safe.
Years later I made a friend while waitressing and she took me to a Christain Conference in the Townhall in Sydney. The preacher touched a cord within my soul when he spoke of God comforting us in our sorrows. I gave my life to God that night, I was eighteeen.
I wish I could of said my life became easier afterwards, it did not. However God blessed me with many gifts along the way in my 45years. I write this a week after my adopted dad passed away. God gave me new parents, which are now with God, Along with an Aunty and two Uncles that are also with God. A son and five grown step children, a new country, America, a third husband and many wonderful adventures. Also, my natural mum came back into my life, a couple months before my adopted dad passed away and she has given her life to God. Praise the Lord for that awesome miracle
Sometimes through the painful times I ask God...."Can I go home now?"......But I believe he is not finished with me yet.
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Ann-maree Jarrett
United States
I am a Christain Australian living in Utah USA. I have four grown step-children and one grown natural son. I love reading,photography travel.

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