This is my story

At the age of twelve I left my broken home to live with some other family members. My parents had just filed for divorce and my world was torn. I did not want anything to do with God anymore. Although I grew up in church since birth, I became very rebellious in many ways due to all the pain. I was mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by many people. At the age of 13 I was staying out of my house to stay at friends homes. Since I did not have both of my parents there because of the divorce, still emotionally and spiritually my Father was not there. I lived with him and his family at the time but I did not receive the guidance that I needed in order to grow. I became very promiscuous, mean, and evil. I was stealing, smoking, lying and playing with all types of sin up until the age of 18. I remember one night after being very "high" off of marijuana and cocaine. I blacked out and felt like I was literally dying. I screamed out for help with no response from the people around me. That night I remember seeing a black tunnel and felt like I was being sent down to somewhere so dark. I cried out to the Lord for my soul and told Him to save me! Minutes after blacking out I was on my way home and continued to beg the Lord for mercy as I did not know what was next. I asked Him for a second chance at life that night and told Him that I would serve Him once and for all if He would save my soul! That night I rededicated my life and have changed my entire life ever since. I am now a new woman of God with a new story.
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