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Hey you guys, I'm Cheyenne. :) I'm 15 years old and living completely for Christ. I've always called myself a Christian, but never really lived it to the T or made much of it. In about 2007 or so, 2 of my good friends Breanna and Molly invited me to a lock-in at their church, and I was pumped about it. I've been to church previously to the lock-in, but was never really in depth with the Word due to lack of interest and I felt that nothing could relate to me, because I had gone to an older church.

I remember checking into the lock-in, having dinner, and going outside for a bonfire. It was fun, but then we got into the whole reason why we were there: Christ. Jesus, Christ. The Big Man. We had all settled down after playing and acting out some stories from the Bible, and worship had started. I was in awe at the fact that everyone there had such a strong love for Jesus, and I wanted that too. I remember falling on my knees in worship for the first time, and, man, it was the greatest feeling I had ever encountered in my entire life at that time. I remember everyone praying over me and my best friends helping me up from the alter, soon to sit back down and hunger for more of God's Word.

That was about 4 years ago. I had lived in Georgia at the time, and two years later I had moved back down to Florida,where we had originated from. The next summer after we had just moved down, I found that one of my aunts was involved at the church, and that had interested me. Not long after, I also found out that her husband (my uncle) was a pastor at the church as well. I thought, "Wow, that's cool. I wanna go see how this church is and what it's like." My aunt had told me that there was a youth group that met every Wednesday @ 7:00 pm, and I got excited at that too. At the time I was pretty shy, but I hoped that I could make some friends.

The first time I attended the middle school youth group called Reality, my mind was blown. There were tons of kids hanging out in this huge place playing all these games and some sitting down reading the Bible together. I thought it was awesome. I found one of my cousins that attend the church, and I stuck with him because I didn't know anyone, and he had shown me around and introduces me to the leaders and pastors. After a while, we all sat down and they welcomed the visitors (me @ the time) and I felt more comfortable. Afterwards, we had all started to get into worship. This was a WHOLE new world for me. Nothing like the music from church 4 years ago.

Though this time, it took me a little while longer to get used to the area because it was so new to me. For the first time, I seen girls & buys raising their hands in the air while they were worshiping, and I didn't really understand the concept of it. I didn't have much self-esteem at the time and thought to myself "Well, I kinda wanna do whet they're doing, but I don't know if I'm doing this right, or if anyone will make fun of me." After a little while, I had gotten used to the place and some of the people there.

Then camp came around. The theme for camp 2010 was "Desire" & how we have to keep our passion and desire for Jesus alive. It was nothing like I had ever experienced before. On the 3rd night of camp,I had felt what I had felt that 4 years ago: Jesus Christ coming back into my heart. I cried until I couldn't cry anymore, but it felt great. Amazing. I wouldn't have traded that experience for the world. I met a lot of people @ & after camp. A crazy-good experience.

I had just recently gotten baptized this year in January, and it was exciting. One of the pastors had asked me how long I had been going to the church for, when I got saved, stuff like that. Then, one of the leaders Chris dunked me in the water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and BAM! I was born again. :)

Now, camp of this year. Theme: Awaken. We must awaken ourselves in Jesus and keep the fire forever lit. I'd say this year was the best. It's gotten better & better every year. I hope it continues to do so. This year at camp, it was way more spiritual because I had already excepted God back into my heart and had been living for Him and for what He wants for me (Another thing, we had a purity series and I have decided to stay pure/abstinent until marriage). Every single night we were at camp, I cried. Now, I wasn't upset for the most part. I was overjoyed. I felt real love. What it's like to have someone caring for you at ALL times. It was mind-blowing. Don't get me wrong, I was upset other parts of the time though. Upset for what He had to go through for us to be forgiven., over and over again. Also thankful, for paying such a price as this. I think about it constantly.

The last night of Camp Awaken 2011 was by far the best. We were deep into worship and one of our pastors was really into preaching and was so involved with the Lord. We were all holding hands, and at that one moment, we all heard it. Every single person in the room. Know what it was? More like who. God. God had spoken though the pastor who was preaching like never before. It was most definitely the coolest thing I had ever been though. There's not a single person in that room who wouldn't tell you the same exact thing.

Camp is what really made me want to come a part of the church. I have found it in my heart that I want to help kids my age and younger than I am after I graduate schooling. I wanna be there to see kids of all ages fall on their knees and give it all to God. I wanna be there to pray over teenagers stressing over anything and everything and be able to take the pressures of the world off of them. I plan to achieve this by staying with the church and taking discipleship classes, and just doing whatever it takes to do what the Lord has called me to do.

You can say I'm starting out, in a way. One of the pastors had asked me if I would like to start leading worship for the 3-5 year olds with another friend of mine (Another thing about me: I LOVE singing and playing the guitar. I believe that's a talent the Lord gave me to reach out to people everywhere). I will be starting this Sunday on 10/9, & I can't wait. I hope to stay with it long enough to finish writing my own music and be able to perform it for the kids if they have an attention span for it, haha. My church just had an experience called "Hell Night" and it really shows kids (middle & high schoolers- it's pretty frightening) the reality of Hell and what will happen if you don't live for Jesus. It's pretty freaky. Cool, though. I remember being in the audience for it last year, being scared out of my mind. Now, I actually got to be in it this year. Whoop whoop! :D It was awesome. We also just got finished with our annual "The Gospel according to Scrooge" Christmas production. It's like A Christmas Carol, but tricked out Jesus style. :)

Last thought: "Through faith in God , you can create a chemistry within you that will give you a high unlike any drug known to man. Then you will truly come alive." We don't need anything but Jesus to get us into the kingdom of Heaven with Him and all the angels of the world. Don't let others push you down, get right back up and be on your way. In fact, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you (Matthew 5:43-44). Live a life for The Big Guy and know he's always there for you. No matter what. :) I hope you have enjoyed my testimony and that it's inspired you to share your faith.
Much love & God bless,
Cheyenne V. <3
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*Through faith in God , you can create a chemistry within you that will give you a high unlike any drug known to man . Then you will truly come alive . ♥* I love my life as a Christian and I wouldn't want it any other way . I just recently got baptized on January 26,2011 to show and symbolize my love for God and how it's grown in my life . I first dedicated my life to Him in the March of 2006 and I think my friend Breanna Stansell and Molly McGee for inviting me to their church for a lock-in , where i then later gave my life over to God . Anything else yaah wanna know , feel free to ask , (:

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