My conversion was very dramatic actually from dark to light. I am forty one years old. Married with three children. I work as a nurse
My story is very different I actually have never heard of this happening to anyone else,so here we go. I opened a facebook accout around six months ago. That is when something unusual happened but first I need to tell you a little about myself. I was born in 1970 my parents divorced when i was around 8 years old. My father wasnt around much in my life unless he was drinking heavily so it made for a very difficult childhood. My father never abused us but his abscence was always felt by my three sisters and I. When I was fourteen I began to notice that everyone told me i was cute,pretty and on and on. I didnt realize it at the time but I began getting away with more because I felt I could charm my way out of any situation. Around fifteen I began dating and got my heart broken. This was the beginning of what I feel changed who I was, I vowed that I wouldnt let anyone hurt me again and instead of being this weak fragile girl I would stand up for myself and crush anyone who even thought about hurting or even flirting with me.It wasnt a conscious thing just worked into it as time went by. Back to the beginning of the story. I opened my facebook accout and touched base with alot of old friends and about three months into it I began to realize that i was disliked by alot of them. But something even worse happened. A darkness came through this internet connection which i had originally thought was a friendly connection to several high school friends.A few days later I would be fearful and restless with constant nightmares even sounds in my home that woke me all night. I wasnt sure what was going on but I knew something had really changed. I locked doors tried to work-out so i could rest and figured out nothing was helping and as days past even people were coming up to me that would do and say things that would scare anyone. I reluctantly took my family on vacation to try and get some rest and it got worse. Until I broke down on the beach and started saying the only verse i remembered from the bible. "The Lord is my shephard I shall not want ..." I never stopped mentally saying this over and over until we got home. And I began to get some relief from these haunting "things" anyway I had to go see a doctor who gave me something to rest at night and a few days later I went to my back porch and asked God to forgive me and help me through this time in my life. Luckily he heard me and intervened on my behalf. As time went by I began to feel less and less BAD and more and more GOOD. Im a member of my church, I was baptized, Im in a bible study about King David and can understand in some small way his agony. I have never ever heard of living hell on earth,but I can tell you it was for me and occasionally still is but I put on my armor every day and pray. Many people confronted me when I was going through this and they were regular,everday people and I could actually feel evil from every fiber of them. The one thing I noticed is that when I was in church this "evil" could not go through Christians. So I spend as much time with believers as possible. At one moment a few months ago I was worried my most walking up my long driveway and I had crippling anxiety when lightning came down right in front of my eyes almost like I was witnessing a spiritual battle in front of my eyes! I had always heard of people dying and experiencing things like this but never experiencing this with a full functioning heartbeat.When you here me say Christ is my redeemer you can bet on it. I feel God wanted me to share my story with others. If nothing gets accomplished in your day except prayer and repentance. Be thankful. I pray anyone who reads this gives there life completley to the Lord our Savior. Ive seen the alternative. God Bless everyone.
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