This is my story

GOD has been GOOD to me,It all started when I was A Little boy growing up in the streets Of Compton Ca, And I 'll never forget what It felt like when my Dad Left us, On the eve Of Christmas Of 1973. and my Whole world was shattered. Like most of the Kids in the neighborhood my family was torn apart. From there I became the Man Of the House because it was My responsibility to protect my family but with no instructions I was LOST and Afraid,(4) four sister and (1)One Brother . Mama Had to work and we just raised ourselves, I started Smoking cigarettes and from there it went to Marijuana and then COKE...:>( Life As I knew it had stop My father came around only to build a relationship with me and the only way he could get in was to get me high,WOW What a waste of time By the age 19 I left my mother home and found my self in the streets Of L.A Struggling to cope with life, on lifes terms .Beat down after Beat down and I knew the devil Had a hold on me so One day I remember that the BIBLE said WHOSOEVER call on the NAME of JESUS, Would be saved. So I CRY OUT with a loud Voice And He(GOD) Heard me and delivered me from my self. that was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Thank GOD for mY Uncle my Mothers brother He reach out and said I need to help this Boy so he hired me to clean the church and there is where my Life took a turn for the Better Not all at once but in time GOD showed up and showed OUT thank you for saving My Soul:>)))))
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Simmie Sims
United States
Saved And Appointed working under the power of the Holy Ghost

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Inspired by Max Lucado's book, God's Story, Your Story.

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