This is my story

Born into a loving family I started drinking and doing drugs at the age of 12 yrs old. It became my identity when I felt I had none. Married with a child at 19 joined the military in 1971. Drugs were not allowed but drinking was almost incouraged. My twentys, thirtys and 40s brought 2 more children divorce and another marrage, black outs, 2 DWIs, fights, lost opertunites to raise my children. My addition was my first love and priority. I wanted to stop the maddnes in 1996 but didn't know how. I drank myself into another divorse, black outs 4 times a week untill one evening...March 22 2005 I sat on my bed and started to cry, the cry turned into a wail and a upheaval of turmoil I had kept surpressed since I was 12. I heard and felt the Holly Spirit come into my bed room and speak "Come to me". I knew it was time, time to walk out of this prison that had become my life. From that day forward I have been free of addition. My life is serving the LORD as a Hospice volunteer and shareing this story of healing with Prison Ministry. It is the Lord that has led me to these services not me. When I think of the sins of the past and the pain I caused others it is unimanagable the pure power of GODS healing and redemption....redemption.
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