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My story which is really His Story is one of a journey from head knowledge to heart knowledge. I grew up knowing about Jesus and attending church. If you asked me, I said that I was a Christian. I had done all the "right" things, but I knew something was missing. As a teenager, I felt God calling. The Holy Spirit was softening my heart. Through Billy Graham movies and attending a Bible camp, I moved closer to God, but I was still in the intellectual mode. In college, I was not faithful, but I could still feel the urging of the Holy Spirit. Fast forward to my twenties and marriage to a wonderful Christian man. We were in full time Christian service at a home for abandoned, abused and neglected children when I knew that I could not hide any longer. God was calling, and He would not be avoided. I had to make a decision. Would I really answer His call or would I continue to play Christian? I said, "Yes, Lord, I come." This was in the privacy of my bedroom, but I made it public in church that week. The change was real. I had a change of heart and now over 30 years later, He is still leading, wooing and conforming me into His image. I am not where I will be but I know as Philippians 1:6 asserts that He who has begun a good work in me will bring it to completion in Christ Jesus. With David in Psalm 138, I can say, "You will do everything you have promised; Lord, your love is eternal. Complete the work that you have begun." Glory to God for His gift, Jesus Christ!
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Debbie Patterson
United States
I am a life-long educator and therefore, a life-long learner, as well. I retired from public school education six years ago. My career centered around students with special needs and later their teachers. Since my "retirement", I have worked for an educational consulting company, where I am able to use the skills acquired previously and learn new ones. God has enriched my life in so many ways. I am constantly amazed at his love, mercy and grace. Most of all, I am amazed that He would choose to use me in His great plan. Things rarely go the way I think they will, but His ways are always right and timely. All I can say is, "How great is our God!"

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Inspired by Max Lucado's book, God's Story, Your Story.

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