This is my story

There was much turmoil in my "home" growing up but I got to spend summers with my Nana and she lived what she believed.She always had something to eat for those who passed by her home hungry even though she was so poor she had neither running water or electricity. She was made fun of for being poor but she always forgave, she showed me how to turn the other cheek. She had a son in the army in WW2 that she had not heard from in a long time, she prayed and prayed until God gave her a sign and she heard from the son shortly after. She loved everyone. When she died there was a hole in my life that was huge, I thought it was her passing and then I realized it was her God missing from my life. I miss her to this day, I miss her quiet faith that was as natural to her as breathing, but I know I will see her again because she shared God with me not in a flashy, showy way but just in living her life to Him day by day.
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