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I am the youngest of 3 children. By the time I was born my father had become a full blown abusive alcoholic. My mom left him when I was still young and we moved in with Mamaw (her mom). I was raised in a Christian home and we attended church regularly. As a very young teen, I started experimenting with marijuana. That first time was all it took, I loved it. Smoking pot led to drinking, then pills, then everything else. I would use drugs on a regular basis for over thirty years. I was always able to function fairly normal and provide a comfortable life for my family, always maintaining that I was in control of my drug use and that it would not control me. I always assumed drug use would just always be a part of my life.

Well, like most all drug addicts, it takes severe consequences and hitting a bottom before we "get it". That finally happened for me in February of 2007. I had been embezzling from the company that had treated me like family for over 30 years. They found evidence of my stealing and I failed a drug test. I felt like my world was crashing all around me. But by God's grace my boss, who was like a big brother to me, showed mercy on me by giving me a choice of what to do. He said I could go into a 90 day in treatment rehab facility or I could go to jail....yeah, my mind was pretty crazy at the time but I wasn't completely stupid, I chose rehab!

Choosing rehab probably saved my life, because while in that facility, I got on my knees and asked God to enter into my heart and relieve me of my obsession. That's all it took. I had never felt Gods' presence as vividly as I did that day. All I simply had to do was ask and he released me of my burden.

I often tell people that rehab facility and the program Alcoholics Anonymous got me sober, but its been Jesus Christ that has kept me that way.

I have faced many hardships sense the day in rehab when I got on my knees, like the suicide of my father. But the hardest thing by far was the death of my youngest son, Kyle. I was only six months sober when he passed away in his sleep of an accidental overdose. We were, to say the least, devastated by this. I questioned God and I cussed him. I wanted to know why I had to go through all the trouble of getting sober and then He let something like this happen to me.

Shortly after Kyle's passing, we started attending Grief Share classes at our church. It was sometime during these classes that I finally realized God truly had relieved me from my drug obsession. Because as bad as the day Kyle passed away was, never once did I think getting high or drunk would have helped. And the questions I had been asking God about why He did this to me, He answered...He said it wasn't about me, it was about Kyle. And the reason He got me sober earlier that year was so I could be strong for my family on the worst day of our lives.

Today I find joy in my God, my family, my church and my recovery. I am getting more and more involved in my church (First Baptist Church of West Monroe, LA). And I serve as co-leader of our newcomers class at our Celebrate Recovery Ministry.
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walter garner
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I am a member of First Baptist Church of West Monroe, La. I co-lead a newcomers class at our Celebrate Recovery Ministry. I am a very grateful recovering drug addict and have recently celebrated 4 years sobriety. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 31 years and had two sons. My oldest son lives nearby and serves the Lord with us and my youngest son is in heaven....I love the Lord, I love recovery and I love reading Max Lucado......

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