This is my story

In March 2005 my faith was HUGLY tested. I always believed in God, however, never REALLY let him in my heart. I received a call on 3/7/05 from my step mother that she could not wake my father and the ambulance was on the way. I just spoke to him less than 24 hours before! The events of that day ended in the loss of my hero, my rock and my dad.
The next few days were a blurr but we got through them with the help of a great Pastor, church, coworkers, family and friends. Then just when things were settling down a bit, I was in my office when the phone rang at 10:15am on 3/30/05, it was the fire chief of our little town that we lived by, my home was on fire. He said not to hurry home as it is a total loss. All I could think about was my dog and my bird and my dad's things I had been hanging onto the last couple of weeks for comfort. Needless to say it is a very humbling feeling to watch everything you think that is stable in your life be ripped out from underneath you in such a short time.
I spend the next 3 days on my moms couch not wanting to move as the pain of grief was so overwhelming. My heart hurt so bad. As I should of been grateful that none of us died in that fire, and we did manage to save a few things, I could not find any joy or thankfulness in my heart. I have a couple of wonderful Christian friends that I work with that called me that third day and told me both of their churches and they were praying for me. I laid back down and sobbed some more and asked God to show me where to go and what to do as I was so angry about what was happening and I was lost. From the pits of the hell I felt in my soul...God lifted me off of that couch, dried my eyes and quieted my rage. It was a long journey, however, I truly FELT Him guiding me, walking with me and keeping me on the right track.
Since then, things have not been the greatest, we struggle financially since my husband lost his job due to diabetes, however, I AM confident that God will open doors to us and will use us as an example to others. If you truly believe that Jesus died for you and that He intervenes for you all the time with the Father, then there is the hope, faith and love that His word promises - a gift for everyone who wants to receive it!
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