From Suicide to Partnering with God to Save Souls

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Mark Rolenc
United States
Christian forever, spent entire life hearing clearly from Jesus and having a personal and intimate relationship with God, yet have had issues with severe depression and even suicidal for several years when younger. I've been through many tragic events, including ending up in a wheelchair and having to declare bankruptcy because of it, having to learn how to walk again, too. I almost lost my brother to cancer. My step-dad and mom moved in with me a few years back and I became head of household and watched my step-dad die from terminal cancer, all while going to school and working full-time, having family well-off who could help but chose not to. It was when I finally started to pray for a HOME CHURCH that God gave me one and began to transform me completely. I was able to reconcile wounds that I carried unforgiveness to myself for over 20 years and ask and receive forgiveness after a series of miraculous events. Three days later God chose to use that, asking me to partner with Him to save someone who was on his way out of church to kill himself. Three weeks later, to share that with a small group at my other church and there was a guy in there with a gun to his head that morning. Three months later, to share that with a group of 500 college students, mostly strangers, on stage with a spotlight and mic in hand, at one point weeping. After, I prayed for those waiting for hours and heard story after story of rescue and restoration as time progressed. I had an almost completed chemical engineering degree and am now pursuing Biblical studies instead, dropping the worldly pursuit to partner with God to save souls. There are many other examples of actual miracles and God is allowing me to become healthier in every part of my life while helping others do the same and grow in a closer relationship with Him. The Lord has allowed me such a gift to be able to encourage and evangelize, though not yet as a pastor. I have never said no to God, but I have respectfully argued and wrestled with Him more times than I care to acknowledge. But the real kicker in all of that is that I am still quite broken in so many areas, still suffer with depression and anxiety issues, but God has allowed me to heal in the process of helping to heal others. I have open eyes to see now. As one of my new friends from that experience on stage said to me, "Don't you realize that God's Light shines THAT much more brightly through you, because you have shown us all that one can be broken and still be a relationship with God. This gives us HOPE and encouragement. And we cannot receive the same blessing through someone who portrays having it all together." What a thought, the broken helping the broken... The alone and depressed and rejected and tossed out loser and failure being sent by God to help save souls... Yet I am living that at this very moment. And I can't wait to see what God has in store for the future. God Bless, Mark James Daniel Rolenc

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