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I was raised in church since i was a baby. I have struggled with different issues in my life.I was raised in christian day care and family. When i was 8 year old on October 18, 1987 I went down front of the church and Rev. kenneith newton led me to Christ. Since then i have been trying to full-fill GOD's propose in my life. Since 1983 i have been struggling with my dad's health with his heart. My Church Family stood by our side the whole time. When i was in the tenth Grade in middle i was outside by the corner of my house and I heard plain as day GOD called my into Full-time ministry. After that happened I started a bible study Group and prayer group that meets in the morning in the commons. After High School GOD called me into Full-time Missions. Every since then i have been trying to share GOD's Word.My favorite verses are the following Psalms 91:1,Psalms 23, John 1:1, John 3:16-18,Matthew 6:9-13, Matthew 6:25-34,Matthew 7:15-23.
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andrew weeks
United States

Inspired by Max Lucado's book, God's Story, Your Story.

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