Finding my purpose

From my youth days until I was 17 I was a chubby girl and considered myself ugly and unatractive. My family was totally dysfunctional, a very aggresive and violent mother and a good provider for a father. I was a bright student with excelent grades and through that compensated my lack of self esteem. Almost every night I went to bed asking why I was born in my family and why I was fat and ugly. I didn't knew God as a personal God. I grew up going to a traditional church were God was distant and had to get to Him through many intercessors. One night of so many nights asking God about my purpose, if any, in this life, I plead Him to reveal Himself to me and He did it. There was a neighbor, a very nice old lady who each day blessed me as I pass by near her house, on my way to the university where I studied. That night I asked God to give me the opportunity to asked the lady if I could go to church with her. She jumped and said to me: Girl, I had been praying for you for a long time now, of course, you can go with me to church. So, I went, and that wonderful night I found my purpose, my destiny, my self esteem, my plan in life... I found my Wonderful Savior. It had been 35 years since that day! Today I'm a wife, a mother, a professional and a senior pastor, traveling continually preaching about the Lord who can change a girl who was hurting and without any sense of why she was alive to a woman clear about her calling and destiny. There is much more to tell...but no more space! Blessings!
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About Me

Yolanda Quinones
Puerto Rico
I'm a senior pastor and a miracle from God. I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on my head on August 30, 2010. The doctors said that I'll live just 6 more months. Today I'm well, healed and alive! Praised be my Lord!

Inspired by Max Lucado's book, God's Story, Your Story.

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