Overcoming Fear and Trembling

I'm Gabby I was born with RSV but have thankfully outgrown that. I was born into a loving family. I have 2 parents that have been married for 23 years.I have 2 sisters. My sister that still lives with us is named Sunny. Last year she was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. This took a huge tole on my family as she tried to commit suicide 4 times and all 4 times i was the one finding out she was going to do it. All 4 times i was sent to either out my 2 sets of grandparents who live literally 5 minutes away. My oldest sisters name is Brianna she moved into her boyfriends house when she was 16 (she is now 21). This is when we found out she had stress induced epilepsy. This 2 took a tole since she 2 was in and out of doctor's offices. When oldest sister was 19 and not communicating with me and when my other sister was trying to commit suicide was when i was pretty sure i had depression but i didnt tell my parents since they were going through the same with my 15 year old sister. I just tried to hide it by locking myself in my room for the night and crying myself to sleep. When my sister was in the crazy hospital for the last time was when i went on a youth trip alone with my church youth group to colorado for 8 days. This was when i really felt god telling me to live my life for him. After i got back from the trip i got baptised and have been living for him since. i dont feel depression anymore i feel happy and the rare sadness. My oldest sister is engaged to her boyfriend and visits occasionally. My 16 year old sister attends therepy regularly and hasnt been to the hospital since my trip in august. She is on medication for bipolar disorder and anxiety. And my life is back on track. Tonight actually i am going with my youth group to WinterJam. Its a christain concert for 10 bucks with over 10 christain bands.Its an international concert too.And this summer i am hoping to go to haiti with my youth group.
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Gabby Trebuna
United States
My name is Gabrielle Elizabeth Semoes Trebuna. I am 13 years old and am in the 8th grade. I love God with all my heart. Without him i would be dead. My family is my second priority under god. My favorite bible verse is Hebrews 6:19, We have this hope as an anchor for our souls, firm and secure.I have 2 sisters named Sunny and Brianna.

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