How to Share Your Faith Story

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord…” (2 Timothy 1:7-8)

Every believer possesses a powerfully important story in the narrative of his or her life.

It’s the one that tells how His became Yours: how you were confronted by the grace of the Gospel and its life-giving message; how you finally understood the futility of your own attempts at being right before God; and how you ran with abandon into the open arms of the Savior.

Sharing your faith story is an integral component in living out your faith. Your individual story makes up the greater story—the story of God’s redeeming his people for himself. Our stories encourage other believers while God also uses them to convert unbelievers.

Your faith story is an important tool in the hand of a mighty God: it can help others understand how God’s working in their story.

Your story may be the divining rod that leads another to Christ.

Telling Your Story

This site was created to help you share your personal testimony: how you came to know Christ and how your life has changed as a result.

Sharing your faith story is simple. After registration, select the format most comfortable to you (written, video or audio). Then, let the words pour forth. This is a sacred space to share your heart; it’s not a place where others will judge or censor you for your personal beliefs. It’s a place that recognizes and celebrates the myriad ways God is at work to reveal himself and call individuals to himself.

As you contemplate your experience, consider these points to help inspire your story:

  • Would you describe your conversion to faith as a dramatic “from darkness to light” experience; a subtle, quiet, but persistent pursuit; or something in between? Tell about the first stirrings of the Holy Spirit that began the journey you walk today.
  • How and when did you come to accept Christ and give Him complete control of your life?
  • How has your life changed after you came to know Christ?
  • How would you describe your relationship with God today?
  • Who has been particularly instrumental in your faith story?
  • What passages and/or characters in Scripture has God used to bring you to belief and draw you closer to him?
  • What are the greatest struggles of your faith journey (in the past and today)?
  • What are the greatest joys of your faith journey (in the past and today)?
  • How is God present in the events of your everyday life?
  • Offer encouragement to your fellow Christians with a word of hope. What message do you think Christians most need to hear to persevere in their walk?
  • Offer a call to belief to unbelievers. Make a sincere appeal for readers to come to faith. What message do you think unbelievers most need to hear as they walk in darkness?

Be creative and enjoy the sharing of your personal testimony.

We pray that God will use your story in ways you never thought possible!