Every Christian has a story to tell. Some surrender to Christ only after their world has been shattered; others come to faith due to a gentle nudge. Still, many say that from their earliest memory, they’ve always loved Jesus.

Whether new or lifelong, bold or quiet, obvious or subtle, each person’s story of Christian belief is unique, moving, inspiring, and passionate and carries a desire for that same God-connection in the hearts of others.

Welcome to the “His Is Mine,” (H.I.M.) social media evangelism campaign. Inspired by Max Lucado’s new book, God’s Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours, this powerful initiative will create a movement with significant and eternal outcomes. With technology, Christians can participate, share, and spread their stories instantly around the world.

The H.I.M. campaign enables the body of Christ to unite, be heard, and reflect the power of God’s story in millions of individuals’ lives. Through HisIsMine.com, embeddable widgets, and mobile applications, Christians can share their stories of salvation, life-altering decisions, and God’s work, using video, audio, or text. Once uploaded, stories can be shared to saturate the online world with the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Anyone can share his or her story or any other on the site.

Join us! Share your “His Is Mine” story. It may be yours that inspires others to find theirs—to make God’s story their own.